31 Jan 2006 JamesBruton   » (Master)

I have ordered the parts for the new android. All of it so far has come from an educational website that supplies schools, but also the general public. They are located in the UK and have some very reasonable prices. Check out: www.mutr.co.uk.

I'll be using mainly balsa wood for this biped but I'm still aiming to make the legs about 50cm long so the whole thing comes to about 90/100cm (approx 3ft) tall. It will use some of the high torque linear actuators although I haven't seen them in real life yet so I've no idea if they're up to it. The plan is to move the leg joints as little as possible for walking in order to 'gear down' the actuators and increase power through levering.

I may still use aluminium tube for some of it but the main concept will be a balsa box construction with heavy card glued on with PVA to make the structure rigid. Anything that needs extra strength will be reinforced with 0.5mm aluminium sheet. All the joints will be made from 3mm steel rod rotating inside polythene bushes so I'm hoping that the whole construction will be light but relatively strong.

I'll start a new article on my site and start posting pics as soon as I get the items delivered...

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