20 Oct 2005 JamesBruton   » (Master)

Ok, a few updates:

I've fitted the head project mentioned below onto Mr Stick legs, my human sized bi-ped android. There are two pics of him at the bottom of the page here with the new attachement, although he's now short of some arms which will be coming next.

I've also Pretty much sorted my low power portable PC project, although it's not quite the same as I intended. It will use a hard disk for now instead of flash memory, and until I get a wireless base station there will be no Wi-Fi, but these will just plug in anyway when the time comes. Also using Vector Linux instead of Damn Small Linux for the time being.

Next is putting the PC into Mr Stick Legs and talking to it with IP/Sockets from the vision app. Both the software running on Linux and on Windows remotely will be written in Python. I already have a tested IP talking program that allows both platforms to talk to each other. Once the basic infrastructure (and his arms) are in place I can have some fun with writing some loosely termed 'AI' software.

There will be more on the site soon as always...

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