28 Aug 2005 JamesBruton   » (Master)

I now have Mr Stick Legs walking around, I've put a page up of all the android videos here, more coming as I do them. The Mr Stick legs video is here (6.27Mb Divx)

here are the androids having a loverly time together as a size comparision - the tallest is about 6ft, Mr Stick legs is 4ft7/150cm.

He's a bit wobbly when he's on one leg, but this is because all that holds the leg straight is a bungee cord on each side. The plan is to make the legs a bit more rigid for sideways movement, although this has proven a vauable test to see how much I could reduce the motor count and mecahical linkages to simple flexible cords and springs - a bit like a human. Mr Stick Legs has only three motors for walking. The constuction details are here

The legs have the machanical ability to rotate also, so it can turn on the spot etc, they are fixed for now but the levers are there to attach actuators to, so once it walks reliably this is next to work on, along with the arms/hands and the pen/tilt camera mount.

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