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I have updeated my android head project to allow for a more 'human' shaped head but still mount r/c servos that will actuate facial expression, check out:


Also had one of my feet snap under the weight of the android so I have made some extra supporting pieces that will be detailed soon...

Today I have done some more work on the arms. The upper arms were already made, today I have made the forearms which will contain motors to rotate the wrist and the elbow joints that allow the lower arm to rotate and bend.

Next stage will be to add two actuators to the upper arm to pan and tilt the elbow joint, also the hands and wrists will be detailed in the android hand article which I started some time ago.

pictures at the bottom of this page:


24 May 2005 (updated 24 May 2005 at 19:06 UTC) »

Firstly, many thanks to those who certified me here.

Today, I have made a short video showing the android in action. There are several shots of it swinging side to side and lifting each leg in turn. This is still statically stable as the timers are fixed that tell it when to move.

Just a reminder - this thing is 5'1"/155cm tall - you can see the door to the room on the left of the shots as a size reference. The video is a DivX and it's 7.34Mb

The direct link to the page is:

http://www.xrobots.co.uk/modules/news/article.php? storyid=16

Hi, this is my first diary entry, if anyone can certify me that would be good...

I decided to join this site now that I have created a human sized walker that works. I will be posting some videos of the testing and ongoing development soon. All the details are at xrobots.co.uk - check out Android 6.

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