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NAO robot from Aldebaran Robotics enters now the age of social machines. A small company, Generation Robots has created its first complete behavior for NAO. This behavior is intended to be the first of a complete line of behaviors to ease the adoption of companion robot at home.

The following web page describes the behavior and the algorithms used by the R&D team of Generation Robots called HumaRobotics.

In this behavior, NAO plays Connect4 against a human partner. The focus has been put both on the game play and the robot-human interaction. Indeed, to be accepted as a social companion, NAO has to interact with human by localizing and recognizing him using voice and facial recognition. To emphasis on this social aspect, the robot has been given an “emotion engine” (in beta version for the moment) so that, given its performance in the game and the nature of the interaction with the human partner, NAO changes its mood and can act differently.
The Humarobotics team plan to make this behavior more precise and more robust. The emotion engine and the attitudes of NAO during the game will also be improved. The team is waiting for suggestions and comments, so don’t hesitate to go and see the behavior.

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