30 Oct 2001 Hollister   » (Observer)

My first diary entry, long time listener, first time caller...

Finally got LegOS 0.2.5 working with the latest Cygwin from RedHat. Runs on my Dell Laptop, Win2k, using latest h8300 compiler from Sourceforge. Couldn't seem to get 0.2.4 kernel to recognize the "Delete Program" command - sounds like it's a not uncommon problem; 0.2.5 worked fine.

Finished building "Hank the Bumper Robot"; gonna play with some mapping techniques and see if I can get him to make a map of a small room. Looks like a pretty sturdy design - just not looking forward to when I have to change the batteries, as I'll basically have to take him completely apart.

Looking into getting a 6.270 compatible board (sold my original 1992 6.270 kit when I graduated - DOH!) from Mondo tronics - The cheaper alternative is the Basic Stamp based board, but it doesn't look as powerful as a 68HC11.

If anybody wants any pointers on getting LegOS 0.2.5 set up on Win2k under Cygwin, let me know at herhold (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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