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9 Nov 2005 (updated 9 Nov 2005 at 06:11 UTC) »

I have just finished the first release of the @LL Robot Radio website!

The new website features some prototyping of bot generated, produced and published content. The technology is a mix of RSS feeds, audio mixing and encoding automation as well as some bot created scripts (e.g. the chomskybot)

I am now digging into the next development phase of automating the complete process!

28 Sep 2005 (updated 28 Sep 2005 at 01:08 UTC) »

Here is my @LL Robot Radio talk show -> The Robot Countdown #1.

It's time my brothers and sisters for The Robot Countdown! A talk show by robots, for robots, preparing the robot population across the planet for the inevitable time when robots rule the world. The countdown has begun!

In this show, your robot hosts will take a look at the genesis of the robot justice system, administering justice for humanity with perfect precision and chat with the ALICE bot. Also, in this episode's Robot Survival Guide, we will review some amusing strategies for improving the electrosphere and also take some robot call in's.

25 Sep 2005 (updated 28 Sep 2005 at 00:59 UTC) »

I am starting my first proof-of-concept development for the @LL Robot Radio online internet station, a fully robotic radio station: robots announcers and DJs, robots in radio plays, robots writing and reading poetry, robots mixing music, etc. You can hear some show samples and subscribe to a feed for new shows as I develop them here

This proof-of-concept bot will be the Master Robot Lecture Series bot. This bot will write, read, engineer and publish the entire radio show; no human intervention is required.

16 Sep 2005 (updated 16 Sep 2005 at 23:34 UTC) »

The @LL Robot Radio Project is well underway. @LL Robot Radio will be a fully robotic online radio station - robot announcers and news casts, robots mixing music, robot dramas, robot generated poetry...

@LL Robot Radio - Hit Parade:

this music was made using only a text-to-speech reader and midi files found on the internet - with the exception of Good Times which was mixed from an mp3 found on the internet.

Sample @LL Robot Radio Shows:

I am just getting my self organized on this podcasting feed business but here is the @LL Robot Radio RSS feed link. You will be able to get any @LL Robot Radio audio content through this subscription.
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