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25 Sep 2005 (updated 28 Sep 2005 at 00:59 UTC) »

I am starting my first proof-of-concept development for the @LL Robot Radio online internet station, a fully robotic radio station: robots announcers and DJs, robots in radio plays, robots writing and reading poetry, robots mixing music, etc. You can hear some show samples and subscribe to a feed for new shows as I develop them here

This proof-of-concept bot will be the Master Robot Lecture Series bot. This bot will write, read, engineer and publish the entire radio show; no human intervention is required.

16 Sep 2005 (updated 16 Sep 2005 at 23:34 UTC) »

The @LL Robot Radio Project is well underway. @LL Robot Radio will be a fully robotic online radio station - robot announcers and news casts, robots mixing music, robot dramas, robot generated poetry...

@LL Robot Radio - Hit Parade:

this music was made using only a text-to-speech reader and midi files found on the internet - with the exception of Good Times which was mixed from an mp3 found on the internet.

Sample @LL Robot Radio Shows:

I am just getting my self organized on this podcasting feed business but here is the @LL Robot Radio RSS feed link. You will be able to get any @LL Robot Radio audio content through this subscription.
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