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There is a new, better quality video, of my stair climbing robot available now on my YouTube Space

I also changed the name of the robot from Nemesis to Escarob ; )

24 Aug 2006 (updated 21 Sep 2006 at 17:44 UTC) »


Now that the 2006 fall semester has started and everybody got back to work, I finally received the videos we took of my stair climbing robot. The robot was not R/C when we shot those videos, that is why you can see a RJ45 cable between the joystick and the robot.

You can see the VIDEOS HERE.

The first one shows my robot on plaine surface, the second one shows it's stair climbing capability and the third one shows the robot climbing on PCs

I am now adding a pan/tilt IR camera to the robot with 2.4Ghz transmitter and receiver, a GPS, inclinometers and proximity sensors. I already started working on the second generation which should be a bit smaller and half the weight of the first one (140lbs).

One of the next steps will be to make it semi- autonomous and then Fully autonomous but that will have to wait considering the amount of hours I'll have to spend on programming (assembly) because of security issues due to the weight and speed (6kph) of the robot.

Fran├žois Brodeur

Comments or suggestions would be appreciated. fbrodeur@gmail.com

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