28 Nov 2003 Frank McNeill   » (Apprentice)

I finally found a way to get a free web site, thanks to information on a diary entry by Scienceboy2. The web site is still a blank page because I'm still trying to learn how to develop it.

Meanwhile, I have done what hermit crabs do by moving into an shell on Yahoo Groups. To find an empty shell, select a group category and go down toward the end where there are groups without any members, messages, files, photos, or links.

Although not very religious, I went to the end of a list for "religion" to find an empty shell at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ina56e/ to add files. The subjects of the pdfs are: (bamboo ship models and pop-pop boats) (some mechanisms for bug legs) (dome-shaped houses) (tube-shaped houses) (piezoelectric stuff) and (insect flight mechanisms)

Anybody who is interested in these things is invited to download files.It will be necessary to join as a member, which will take a minute or less. If you decide to "unjoin" just click on an e-mail address that will be sent to your mailbox as an automatic message from a moderator.

Best wishes to all, Frank

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