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The Timeless Way of Building Software, Part 1: User Experience and Flow

The Timeless Way of Building by Christopher Alexander [1] was exciting. As I read it, I kept making parallels between building/town design and software design. Architecture We’re not talking any kind of architecture here. The whole point of the book is to explain a theory of “living” buildings. They are designed and developed in a way that [...]

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UX Conference 2012: Design Studio

One of the particularly good presentations at the UPA Boston 11th Annual User Experience Conference (#UPABOS12) was called “Design Studio” by designer Adam Connor. The main points are: Why brainstorming is usually implemented wrong. How to properly generate ideas and consensus (the “design studio”). Charrettes (are used by the design studio process). Design As a super condensed version of the presentation, [...]

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User Experience Conference 2012: Link Blast

This post lists tools and websites I learned about today at the UPA Boston 11th Annual User Experience Conference. Tools for Mobile Prototyping and Usability Testing Although I’m familiar with wearable computers, especially for the military, and have developed for PDAs back in the day, I am fairly new to the current popular commercial mobile [...]

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Illuminated Armbands

I felt like building something physical on Saturday. Since I was going to be at a military fetish dance party later that night, I decided to make some chevron arm bands. The goal was to have them stay on my bare upper arms. And illuminate. Fortunately I just happened to have materials lying around to throw this [...]

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Snake vs. Robosquirrel

Animal behavior scientists are teaming up with engineers to devise new kinds of research tools: mechatronic animal models. Or you could just call them robots. Robosquirrel Is that a real squirrel? Nope! Chuck Testa. That was a joke…Chuck Testa was not involved with this study. But given his talents, maybe he should be involved with ethology research robots. Now you may [...]

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Does a Chinese Boy Really have Nightvision Eyes?

Well, no. But so many people seem to be taking this seriously that I felt the need to make a skeptical commentary on society’s desire for mutants (and the lack of skepticism in memes): Alien Mutant Hybrid Has Super Cat Eyes That Glow In The Dark

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Social Games for Health Behavior Modification

Gamification is a topic I have mentioned not too long ago (see this post). Recently I attended a Boston CHI presentation by Chris Cartter called “The Socialization and Gamification of Health Behavior Change Apps.” Gamification One thing that Cartter said that sounds right, and may resonate with some of my readers, is that games are fuzzy, not [...]

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The Seed and the Flower

Right now I’m reading an architecture book from the 1970s called The Timeless Way of Building.  So far it has to do with theories of how towns and buildings and other things seem more “alive” than others, and how to achieve this quality—the “quality without a name”. This of course goes far beyond merely architecture; indeed [...]

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Recursion and the Human Mind

It’s certainly not new to propose recursion as a key element of the human mind—for instance Douglas Hofstadter has been writing about that since the 1970s. Michael C. Corballis, a former professor of psychology, came out with a new book this year called The Recursive Mind. It explains his specific theory that I will attempt [...]

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I just published version 2 of my Enactive Interface Perception essay over on Science 2.0. It’s now called “Enactive Interface Perception and Affordances”.

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