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When Mainstream Attacks: Robot Tropes That Never Die

Science comedian Brian Malow has made a video containing neither comedy nor science: When Robots Attack! Should We Fear a Singularity? And yes, I realize I shouldn’t have even bothered to watch it once I realized it was for a mainstream news outlet, but several people in my Twitter lists were tweeting it. Unfortunately, this video turned out [...]

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Music and Machines: Highlights from the MIT Media Lab

I recently attended “Music | Machines: 50 Years of Music and Technology @ MIT,” part of MIT’s ongoing Festival of Art + Science + Technology (FAST). One of the most interesting demonstrations was the iPhone Guitar by Rob Morris of the Media Lab. Basically, he makes use of the iPhone’s accelerometer as an input for [...]

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Fake Love with Robots

I noticed today that Kyle Munkittrick posted about Sherry Turkle’s concerns about people having emotional attachments to machines (The Turkle Test). Turkle, who’s been at MIT for a long time, is not against machines or emotional machines. She’s skeptical of taking advantage of the human tendency to be social and have emotional attachments to [...]

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Should We Worry About the Anti-Makers?

As a riff off of Matthew T. Dearing’s “We Are All Makers” post, I wanted to rant about the anti-makers. I do like the fact that there are so many makers and hackers; I’m not sure if their numbers are increasing as there’s always been craftsmen and hobbyists, but I hope so.  Certainly it’s going on [...]

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A Visit to the Museum of Sex

Recently I visited the Museum of Sex in New York City. Read more on my other blog…

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Human Head Evolution with Daniel Lieberman

You spend a large portion of your time staring at heads of people. But have you wondered how they evolved? Harvard scientist Daniel Lieberman, Professor of Human Evolutionary Biology, has been studying human head evolution, particularly the unique features relative to other animals. I attended his lecture at Harvard tonight, “Heads Up! How and [...]

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A Boy and His 286: Into the Coding Wilderness

Every boy should have a journey into the coding wilderness. To prepare yourself for this chronicle, imagine an Australian walkabout, except in the Grid of Tron. This story begins with my first PC. It was a hand-me-down 286 Turbo, which was 1980s technology (but I got it in the 1990s). I had used various computers [...]

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8D Problem Solving for Transhumanists

Transhumanists are into improvements, and many talk about specific problems, for instance Nick Bostrom. However, Bostrom’s problem statements have been criticized for not necessarily being problems, and I think largely this is why one must consider the problem definition (see step #2 below). Sometimes people talk about their “solutions” for problems, for instance here in [...]

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Trontastic New Year’s Eve (and Trouser Failures)

I improved my TRON:Legacy-esque illuminated vest and added some illuminated leg cladding. Here is a photo of me from last night (New Year’s Eve): What Worked This time the vest front and back worked without fail for several hours.  The overall design worked–everybody either understood the TRON reference or thought it was cool even if they [...]

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Metaphysics of Interfaces

We have an everyday sense of interfaces.  The computers we use all have interfaces, both in software and hardware.  If they didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to use them (of course, some interfaces are clearly better than others).  But interfaces aren’t just for computers—every tool or entertainment device has interfaces.  For instance the size and [...]

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