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On That Which is Called “Memory”

Information itself is a foundational concept for cognitive science theories. But the very definition of information can also cause issues, especially when the term is used to describe the brain “encoding” information from the senses without any regard for types of information and levels of abstraction. Some philosophers are concerned with information that has meaning […]

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Polymorphism in Mental Development

Adaptability and uninterrupted continuous operations are important features of mental development. An organism that can’t adapt enough is too rigid and brittle—and dies. The environment will never be exactly as expected (or exactly the same as any other previous time during evolution). Sure, in broad strokes the environment has to be the same (e.g. gravity), […]

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Heterarchies and Society of Mind’s Origins

Ever wonder how Society of Mind came about? Of course you do. One of the key ideas of Society of Mind [1] is that at some range of abstraction levels, the brain’s software is a bunch of asynchronous agents. Agents are simple but a properly organized society of them results in what we call “mind.” […]

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Evaluating Webots

I’m trying to find a better simulator than Breve for robots and 3D physics world creation. I have been examining the Webots simulation environment. It seems pretty useful since I could write controllers in C++ and it comes with several robot models out of the box. And I like the scene graph (or “scene tree” […]

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Hyping Nonsense: What Happens When Artificial Intelligence Turns On Us?

The user(s) behind the G+ account Singularity 2045 made an appropriately skeptical post today about the latest Machines-versus-Humans “prediction,” specifically an article “What Happens When Artificial Intelligence Turns On Us” about a new book by James Barrat. As S2045 says: Don’t believe the hype. It is utter nonsense to think AI or robots would ever […]

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2013: Postmortem

This is a personal postmortem (aka retrospective), not a report on the world at-large. What Went Right I accomplished several things of a wider diversity than I did in 2012, particularly new-to-me activities. Highlights: Sky-dived for the first time Went outdoor top-rope rock climbing for the first time Submitted two artificial intelligence papers to conferences/symposia, […]

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Growing Robot Minds

One way to increase the intelligence of a robot is to train it with a series of missions, analogous to the missions (aka levels) in a video game. In a developmental robot, the training would not be simply learning—its brain structure would actually change. Biological development shows some extremes that a robot could go through, […]

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Content/Internalism Space and Interfacism

Whenever a machine or moist machine (aka animal) comes up with a solution, an observer could imagine an infinite number of alternate solutions. The observed machine, depending on its programming, may have considered many possible options before choosing one. In any case, we could imagine a 2D or 3D (or really any dimensionality) mathematical space […]

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AAAI FSS-13 and Symbol Grounding

At the AAAI 2013 Fall Symposia (FSS-13) 1 2, I realized that I was not prepared to explain certain topics quickly to those who are specialists in various AI domains and/or don’t delve into philosophy of mind issues. Namely I am thinking of enactivism and embodied cognition. But something even easier (or so I thought) […]

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Voyage to the Amazon Part 1: Monkeys

Recently I voyaged with my girlfriend to the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest near a black lagoon named Challuacocha. To get there we flew to a miniscule airport in the town of Coca where everyone disembarking was kept locked in a hallway before being let out into the blinding sun to be accosted by various guides, none […]

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