7 Dec 2004 Enki   » (Journeyer)

The new quadrature encoders have been integrated into a new S3003 futaba servo. I have changed the organization of the sensors, and now get approximately 360 quadrature ticks per revolution (it is actually a little off from that, but who is counting).

I am freezing the physical design, and designing the pcb that will fit inside of the servo container. Servo form factor will be compatible with a standard servo, offer continuous, absolute, 360 absolute, or standard servo functionality, with either a standard PWM input, or a bi-directional RS232 compatible signal, all over a standard 3 pin servo connector (neat trick huh?) Control uses a PID feedback loop, with motor current detection. I hope to have the whole thing tested for 100 hours so that I feel safe publishing the design on my site, before christmas break. Check back at my site for more info.

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