29 Nov 2004 Enki   » (Journeyer)

I have retired my old blog (although it is still online), and my new one (Army of Evil Robots) has a new theme. The new site is based on Drupal, and has the complete archives of my old site online. I have also added many new features.

In other news, I finished my high resolution servo encoder circuitry, and have working quadrature on the Belligerator software too. The servo hack involves a pair of QRD1114 optical sensors placed inside of a hacked standard servo. The sensors pick up the rotation of the secondary gear inside the servo, returning 64 ticks per revolution (per 3.14 mm travel). I am hoping that this is high enough resolution to handle the balancing code. If not, I can easily increase the resolution to 0.95mm. Past that, I need to grow the robot.

I am in the progress of writing a tutorial, and generating schematics for this design, and will be posting them under a creative commons license.

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