28 May 2001 Enki   » (Journeyer)

Well, I found some interesting code on the internet for a serial driven servo controller, for up to 8 servos, on a single pic 16c54A ucontroller. Kickass. Unfortunately, there was no schematics, circuit board, or anything else for the thing. Not that that is really a problem.

I have built the schematics and pc-board for the controller, and managed to squash the whole thing into a 1.65" x 1.95" space. Just supply 6 volts and you are good to go. I will be posting the entire thing on my site at RantTV later on today. I tested on a breadboard, but I still need to test the actual board, so don't build it just yet eh?

The code itself (written by Mark Sullivan, available at http://www.markwo rld.com/servo1.asm) is capable of running 8 servos, off of a 9600 bps 8n1 serial port. It can run up to 19,200 or down to 300 bps. This should help me get my legs moving.

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