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14 May 2001 (updated 27 Oct 2004 at 18:06 UTC) »

Well, I headed on down to the alleged meeting of the Vancouver Robotics Club on Sunday. 10:00am came, then 10:30, then 11:00.....

No members.

Lot's of other people who were curious about the club came out, and we talked for a bit about what we were all doing, but in the end, no members. So we left. I took down all the non-members emails and I am hoping to form a Vancouver Robotics Club splinter faction ;)

Hmm, what to post... I have some interesting ideas for control systems, especially a feedback motion control system that allows for sub-millimeter positioning and very high speed using a pneumatic cylinder. I have used this system to great effect for an automotive application. I have wanted to play with it for a leg actuator for a while now, but never have enough time. Drop me a line through my homepage if you are interested in learning more...

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