9 Sep 2003 EdwardRupp   » (Journeyer)

Got the Ultra Sonic transducers from Electronic Goldmine today. Now I can finnish the finial sonar module design. I had been waiting to get them so I could measure the distance between the leads. For folks that care to know it's 3/8".

I finished a nice serial LCD & Keyboard interface. The design has been uploaded to the FRR (Front Range Robotics club) Yahoo site. For those interested in making your own have a look. Its a supper simple design derived from my earlier SIMM board design. It mounts in a Radio Shack project case. All the files to make it by normal chemical etch or by CNC milling are included.

The borrowing of two objects by fellow FRR member Dennis Clark has by necessity improved my Object Grabber robot. I finally got around to coming up with a auto calibrate routine. Now you can just put a object in front of it and it will calibrate and remember the object. Much better results that the old empirical method before. The robot worked flawlessly in the level one run at DARC this Saturday. Regrettably Kerwin's bot had lots of troubles again. I suspect it just doesn't like the Highlands Ranch library. =)

I got some interlocking hardwood floor tiles the other day. Plan to paint them white for a modular Critter Crunch arena.

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