29 Aug 2003 EdwardRupp   » (Journeyer)

Work is continuing on rebuilding my Critter Crunch robot. All the work to mount the tank tread drive is completed, and works well.

The robot was commented on by my principle opponent last year as looking a bit like the civil war iron clad the USS Monitor. This year the modifications result in this robot looking very much more like the famous ship, thus the bot is renamed the Monitor.

The new "turret" is now octagon in shape, 4 of the 5 sonar's face out the small sides. The 5th sonar is facing front center. From these positions it should prove difficult for another robot to sneak up on it. The sheet metal work on the turret has me very pleased. The metal is .015" thick aluminum that is used in printing presses. In this case from a printing of some Christmas text. A little flat black paint will make this robot appear less jolly!

The orders from Digi-Key and Jamco came today, less than a week! The pacing items are the 25KHZ sonar transducers from Electronic Gold mine. Until I get them I've been designing and building the turret shell with the aid of some mockups of what the sonar modules will look like.

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