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Hi folks, its been quite a while sense I last wrote a diary entry. I keep thinking anything I have to say would probably not be of interest to others. Yet at the same time I avidly read the entries of others diaries. So I should change my attitude and assume I have something interesting to contribute and write more often.

This Saturday Aug. 17th was a particularly fun and interesting day. We had a joint meeting between the northern colorado robot club FRR and the Denver area club DARC in Boulder. As a quick background about a year ago the DARC folks challenged the FRR folks to a robot contest. We cam up with the "Find the Object" contest. Its a very difficult challenge of finding various object and removing only the correct ones. For some time I had been despairing that my robot would be the only one finished for the course. However much to my delight yesterday Kerwin of the DARC group got the bugs exorcised from his bot and did a brilliant demonstration. My robot that day was having some minor problems but over all showed it self well also. One of these days I'll have to submit it to the Robot.net site. For those who would like to see Kerwin's machine, he's got a excellent site showing a short video at http://www.ranchbots.com/obj_finder/object_finder.htm

Also at last I had a competitor sumo for my little armada of 3 sumo's to go against. Dennis Clark, fellow FRR member had a new sumo. It defeated 2 out of 3 of my sumo's but my oldest one showed it still had it in it to triumph.

All this has energized me on robots. During the summer the club turn out has been low and folks have been distracted to other concerns. It looks like this fall folks will again be more robot active. I plan soon to make a new flyer about the FRR, northern Colorado club and distribute it to find more folks. Also may put more effort to get a link in some other robot club web sites. Ultimately would like to make a FRR web site instead of just depending on Yahoo's list serve site.

Got lots of new bot ideas, just need to keep from going in to many different directions!

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