30 Oct 2001 EdwardRupp   » (Journeyer)

Went to the Critter Crunch this Sunday in Denver. It was a lot of fun. Got to see and get a better fell for how the robots were made and operated. I was surprised that the majority of the robots were remotely controlled by a tether. Very few radios, also surprised to see a couple controlled by IR. There were only a couple of autonomous bots and those were made with Legos!

Us Front Range Robotics guys did our little sumo robot competition demo. This went well though my Cygnus X-3 seem to have troubles with its IR floor sensors and so kept frantically backing up, thinking it was close to the edge. However my Cronos 2 once again dominated the compatition. This was actually a surprise to me as I had expected Dennis Clark's Godzukey to have some new software tricks to get Cronos. However brute traction still won the day!

We also demonstrated our walkers. These were a big hit. People love to see lots of stuff moving about, so nothing like a walker for that! Dennis has two walkers, the newest is also the smallest. The crowd loved it when it walked off the edge of the platform did a somersault landed of all feet and kept skittering on!

I'll have to decide if I should continue work on Cygnus, he is a cute robot, but is so hampered by the chose of motors. It uses motors and gear train that was used to eject CD trays. The motors run too fast and have too little torque. I may try to add a extra gear step, but this may prove too difficult in the present layout. The other thought is make a new version that uses a hobby dual motor gear train.

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