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I've been out of the robotics and automation scene for a couple years dealing with other issues, but soon I will be returning with many more advanced systems.

My current project in R&D right now is a Flight Attitude Assist for R/C Planes and Helicopters similar to the older autopilot system designed and presented here on robots.net. This project will be following a different path for instructional and proto typing for future hobbyists, as well as an easy to use trainer for novice pilots. Public release of the prototype estimated some time between April and June of 2007.

This idea is driven and inspired from friends who wish to learn to fly R/C Helicopters. As for anyone who has attempted to control Arial R/C vehicles, such as planes and helicopters, knows that for the novice it is extremely intimidating to learn due to the costly effect of crashes.

Current To Do List includes:

- Evaluate various sensors for effectiveness and reliability; accelerometers, barometers, proximity sensors. (currently evaluating about 8-10 possible sensors)
- Form a group of individuals for collaborating on the project.
- Lease a new Internet web site for past and future projects, my old servers were shut down due to complications with services offered by my previously networked systems.

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