9 Nov 2007 Daniel Casner   » (Journeyer)

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (aka 7.10) is a Lemon

I recently upgraded both my computers from Ubuntu Feisty Faun to 7.10, Gutsy Gibbon. My advice to anyone else running Ubuntu at the moment, don't upgrade. Since upgrading, a few things have worked better, gnome is flashier but so many things are broken that I wind up rebooting several times a day because I don't have time to try and fix them correctly. Among other things: the sound system hangs every few hours, it takes about 5 minutes for the logout menu to appear, no USB peripherals work reliably and the new "Screens and Graphics" application does not work remotely as advertised. If I could downgrade back to Feisty I would do so and wait a few months for them to iron out the bugs. I'm really curious to know how Gutsy got released in this state, it reminds me of Safari 1.0. Would have made a good alpha release, an OK beta but definitely not full release.

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