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Systm is a geek oriented Internet TV show. It only has a few episodes but they are all interesting and have taught me something new. Of particular interest, I was watching this episode and the second or third segment is an interview with Dr. Trevor Blackwell, the founder of Anybots and my new boss, about his self balancing unicycle. Watch it if you want to see who I'll be working for. The episode is about Maker Faire which looks like an amazing event, exemplifying the spirit of creativity and engineering I aspire to. If only this year's were a little bit later. It will be in the Bay Area May 19th & 20th so I will just miss it by a couple of weeks. Well it's something too look forward to as an advantage of moving to the Bay Area. This any many other tech events. Finding time for them will be the hard part.

This summer I will be working at Anybots in Mountain View CA. If you're not already familiar with them see this previous robots.net article. I'm very excited and hoping to work on some vision and user interface software / hardware.

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