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Whoa, this is a very cool site and I am extremely honored to have be certified at Master status. Lately I've been building a 200 amp speed controller for very large motors.

The current design is going to use two 16F628 PICs as the basic control mechanism (servo code reception and PWM generation). I could use a PIC16F87x but its actually easier to do the multiprocessing thing. The guys at Microchip really make it easy.

So projects on the way to this goal include:
Pulse Measurement -- This uses the PIC's input capture to measure pulses in the "servo" range.

And a project for generating the PWM. Now since the PIC only has one bit of PWM my circuit has the PWM output pin driving four AND gates whose other inputs are being fed by four GPIO pins. The four GPIO pins hold the "command" for the bridge and the PWM pin pulses it.

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