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The Retrofire Reviews section is now open! Here you will find details on commercially available products such as rocket and robot kits, parts, books, electronics, collectable toys and more.

Retrofire Registered Members may submit their own reviews and rate the products (see example: Robot Books - The Robot Builder's Bonanza)

In the coming months we are looking forward to adding more features to the Retrofire Website; expanding your best single online source for the rocket and robot enthusiast.


Retrofire - Rockets & Robots has recently added eBay auction listings as well as Books & More in asscociation with Amazon.com. Tune into some Internet radio while you surf the latest robotics news!

Retrofire.com has remodeled it's website once again with expanded forums, links, better news facility, and lots of little extra treats for the robotic enthusiast. News feeds from both robots.net and mobileroboitcs.com to keep you covered on the latest going ons in robotic happenings.

Till next time robot fans!

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Retrofire has just included two live RSS News feeds. The first, of course from Robots.net and the second from Mobile Robotics. Now you're a click away from some of the best information the net has to offer on robotics.

Till Next Time Robot Fans!

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Retrofire Rockets & Robots has just done a complete overhaul of our web site. Now Retrofire Society Members can participate in adding their own news, comments, articles and keep a private or public journal

We still have our Forums, Reviews, and Web Links, and now much more. Oh... and don't forget to give us your feedback and submit to our polls.

Keep a watch out for our commercial robot project, "Retro Reggie". A robot with brains and beauty!

Till Next Time Robot Fans!

30 Nov 2002 (updated 30 Nov 2002 at 14:01 UTC) »

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* Added the 2002 Gift List to www.retrofire.com. Our top ten picks of the season for rocket and robot enthusiasts.

* The new HOBBY MATRIX R1 CNC Table Top Router Kit makes it easy to create those special robot base cut-outs Check it out at the STORE.

* Also, NEW - live eBay bid updates on "robots".

* Be sure to vote in our poll on FREE Retrofire web space for your site!

Till next time rocket & robot fans!

Project Reggie is under way at www.retrofire.com. This is a call to all those interested in applying their input to the project of building a 24" scale model robot fashioned after the ROBO Bartender Bot from the Star Wars Book "The Essential Guide to Droids".

Concepts, ideas, and modifications can be discussed on the Retrofire Forums. Hope to see you all there!

Yours in Robots,

Gary Chief Robotman http://www.retrofire.com

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