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Well everything has sorted itself out. My robot, ARC II, which greatly resembles its predecessor is completed. The only problem I have been having is troubles with traction. dusty that accumulates on the track is hindering my tires. These tires are standard black rubber and if anyone knows any tricks to clean them please send them to: trowa_barton66@hotmail.com

The contest is on Friday, just two sleeps away and I have the pre-competition jitters.

Well thanks for listening and in advance for your replies,

-+-Cannon Fury

Started work on ARC(II) with a new team and I am already experiencing problems. My new team members have proven troublesome with my method and have branched off with their own design insisting on things such as tracks in place of wheels, tracks have in my experience proven slow and requiring special gearing that in turn can result in the robot breaking apart; simple sensor assemblies in place of my sophisticated "trumpet" style assembly which provides three directions of tounch sensing with two touch sensors in place of the usual two sensors-two directions; creating an entirely new design instead of recycling my previous chasis and reworking it to work better; and random numbers in the program for turns instead of fixed turn times that require less fiddling.

Also I have had a great amount of stress placed on me from the teacher who has asked that I aid my fellow Junior Competitors as well as the Senior Competitors that are doing another entirely different project. I understand I did win last years competition and most of my attention when I am bored (which are great periods of time every day) are shifted to thinking over designs, but I am working on getting my own design done and work myself up a great deal on that alone.

I will try to get a robot page set up on this site for last years ARC and try to bring you more updates as things sort themselves out and the date of the competition draws closer.

Working hard till then:

_Cannon Fury

Yesterday, Thursday April 7 2004, team and I won first prize in the annual robotics competition winning myself $33 ($100/3-$1 for the teacher). I am now officially a prfessional robotics builder... and I've never been prouder.

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