6 Jul 2005 BrianJennings   » (Observer)

I finally got one thing working... for a while, I had the motors running on battery power and the pic running on the power from the protoboard, so the signal that I was sending wasn't going anywhere, but since I had the multimeter plugged into the potoboard's ground and the signal, it was telling me that it was going somewhere, so I switched the pic over to battery power, cause I was getting some strange reading for the battery power and it worked.

But then I went to build the rest of the H-Bridge, but with a different twist.

I have the 121's on the same circuit and the 126's on another, (the 121's are controlling one way and the 126's are controlling the other, so that I only need to use 1 signal pin for the forwards/backwards controlling). After I finished the H-Bridge and checked it I went on and applied power to the entire circuit. The motors were going one way and didn't go the other for some reason, so while it was running I went to adjust something and touched the transistor and then burned my finger. All the transistors were scorching hot, so I quickly unplugged the power. Something went wrong, but I have no idea what it could be...

I did a couple of tests and found out that the Pic didn't seem to be running when everything was being powered, but when it was alone in a circuit it ran fine (I have an LED on another Output telling me when the other output is High or low, so when I had the PIC in the circuit with all the other devices, it didn't light up at all)...

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