26 Jun 2005 BrianJennings   » (Observer)

Hooray! Today (More like yesterday, seeing as it is 1:25am) I received my StampStack Module and my Ping))) Ultrasonic range finder from HVWTech.com. So far I have been able to send information back to my computer, make an LED pulse on and off, and I have been able to generate PWM signals. Since I'll be busy tomorrow (Sunday) and I am going up to Maine on Monday, I won't be able to get to playing around with the range finder 'till Monday night or Tuesday...

More good news for me... I enrolled in a robotics course for NASA Ames and applied for a scholarship for the Vex Robotics kit that was used for the course... Last Thursday NASA Ames emailed me and told me that I had received a scholarship... So I will be having fun with that course this summer, while earning 3 high school credits in robotics!

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