17 May 2005 BrianJennings   » (Observer)

Since I am on a limited budget I have not been able to do much for the PIC's, do to programming limitations. I made a low voltage programmer, which should work (in Theory) but doesn't (in reality). The main error which I believe that I am having is the program that I am using to download the HEX file to the PIC is not able to read the PIC's bits, so when it tries to verify the code it reads 0's where it should be reading the code.

So I am not quite sure how to fix that, but I am working on it, taking different things out and putting other thing in.

While I was doing that I sparked an interest in the BASIC Stamp Micro Controllers...

Right now I am looking through different files and documents on the BASIC Stamp, while looking for a cheap(er) programmer for the unit...

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