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Hooray! Today (More like yesterday, seeing as it is 1:25am) I received my StampStack Module and my Ping))) Ultrasonic range finder from HVWTech.com. So far I have been able to send information back to my computer, make an LED pulse on and off, and I have been able to generate PWM signals. Since I'll be busy tomorrow (Sunday) and I am going up to Maine on Monday, I won't be able to get to playing around with the range finder 'till Monday night or Tuesday...

More good news for me... I enrolled in a robotics course for NASA Ames and applied for a scholarship for the Vex Robotics kit that was used for the course... Last Thursday NASA Ames emailed me and told me that I had received a scholarship... So I will be having fun with that course this summer, while earning 3 high school credits in robotics!

I just ordered a Basic Stamp Stack II from HVWTECH.com, and also a Ping))) Ultrasonic range finder. They should arrive by the end of next week, or the beginning of 2 weeks form now.

I plan on using these for my first lone robotic project. Essentially I have an old R/C car that I took apart, and I will use a simple Full on Full off, Backwards/forwards H-Bridge setup with the car's 4 wheel drive system to drive around. While avoiding objects that are a certain distance away from it using the ultrasonic range finder.

So hopefully I will have a good summer project that will be successful.

Since I am on a limited budget I have not been able to do much for the PIC's, do to programming limitations. I made a low voltage programmer, which should work (in Theory) but doesn't (in reality). The main error which I believe that I am having is the program that I am using to download the HEX file to the PIC is not able to read the PIC's bits, so when it tries to verify the code it reads 0's where it should be reading the code.

So I am not quite sure how to fix that, but I am working on it, taking different things out and putting other thing in.

While I was doing that I sparked an interest in the BASIC Stamp Micro Controllers...

Right now I am looking through different files and documents on the BASIC Stamp, while looking for a cheap(er) programmer for the unit...

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