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I have mostly built BEAM robots as well as other types. My main goals are to expand my knowledge of robotics, electronics, mechanics, and everything related. I build robots for entertainment and to aid me in daily life. Learning by doing and trying to figure out how to get the most use out of my projects through the convergence of technology.

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Hey, I haven't been on here or posted anything in forever. I'm currently a computer science major. I'm just starting out in my studies. I haven't done any robot building or anything lately. Mostly been just my studies but when I get some more funds it's going to be on. Well It's good to be back at Can't wait to catch up on all the good robot related articles and robot happenings.


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Hi everyone. I've just been working lately. I'm a stocker at a grocery store now. I'm hoping to get some money soon for robots. I got my arm controlled by the infrared remote now, at least somewhat and I hope to have the whole thing controlled soon. After this I might do some telepresence stuff and a few other ideas I have. I hope to have the arm finished soon and start on some other ideas I have. One of my future projects is going to be really awesome. I'll post more later. Till then, cheerio.

Hey everyone. I'm mainly just chilling right now and looking or a job. I have fooled around a little with my robotic arm and I got the infrared control circuit to work with the remote, which I bought before I left for the Navy. Now that I'm a Navy dropout I'm looking for a job. I hope I find something soon so I can start college in the not too distant future. It looks like my robot projects are put on hold once again due to the lack of funds and soon time. I'm waiting on a computer I'm going to borrow till I get my own computer, whenever I get the money. I need the computer to program my robotic arm so I can finish the project. I'm hoping to get a job soon though so I can be financial stable and hopefully make some extra money to fund my robotic endeavours as well. I'm planning to have some more interesting blog entrys in the future. Till then, peace.

I'm still not doing any robot work right now because there are more pressing things going on at the moment. I live with my parents still and they're really getting on my case for spending money. The good news is I may have a job soon because I have a interview with Wal-Mart Monday. Hopefully I'll get the job, get enrolled in college taking computer science, buy a car, and hopefully have some money left for robots etc. I am waiting for parts to alter and finish working on T.R.A.P. I hope to have it purdy much completed soon. I still need to fix some of the mechanical problems, and make the actual arm a little smaller because it's a little heavy. I plan to have it remote controlled soon along with other stuff I plan to add. Hopefully I'll figure all this stuff out soon.

Well I'm back home. I am back home because I got a general disharge from the Navy. I'm dyslexic and so I had an extremely hard time fuctioning, not to mention I can't think under pressure. I am really sick because I caught something from all the people in basic training, germs from all around the country and world. I want be doing anymore robot stuff until I get over this sickness and get my room back together. I still need to find a job and enroll in the local college where I will hopefully be taking computer science.

This is my last day as a civilian, for tomorrow I leave to finish processing and then go to Navy basic training. I guess I will have to do more with T.R.A.P. and robots in general once I have some free time, which I won't have for a while. Once I finish T.R.A.P. I plan to start some new projects probably using somekind of PIC. I plan to start experimenting and learning about sensor arrays, mechanics, and programming architectures, etc. I plan to learn more about robotics in all areas is what I mean. I plan to build somekind of humanoid or another in the not too distant future. For now I have to make it through basic training, make it through technical training learning how to be a "Gas Turbine Systems Apprentice", and making it through the Navy period. I guess I will not get to build or work on robots ales I use my leave time to do so, that would be well spent in my book though, of course, it's robots. Maybe I'll even get to visit Japan while in the Navy and get to check out the robots. I sure am going to miss robots and Mountain Dews!!! Wish me luck. At least they're going to pay for my college so I will hopefully get a degree in computer science and work towards getting a job in a robotics related field.

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