19 Jun 2007 Botnerd   » (Master)

Hey everyone. I'm mainly just chilling right now and looking or a job. I have fooled around a little with my robotic arm and I got the infrared control circuit to work with the remote, which I bought before I left for the Navy. Now that I'm a Navy dropout I'm looking for a job. I hope I find something soon so I can start college in the not too distant future. It looks like my robot projects are put on hold once again due to the lack of funds and soon time. I'm waiting on a computer I'm going to borrow till I get my own computer, whenever I get the money. I need the computer to program my robotic arm so I can finish the project. I'm hoping to get a job soon though so I can be financial stable and hopefully make some extra money to fund my robotic endeavours as well. I'm planning to have some more interesting blog entrys in the future. Till then, peace.

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