20 Jan 2007 Botnerd   » (Master)

This is my last day as a civilian, for tomorrow I leave to finish processing and then go to Navy basic training. I guess I will have to do more with T.R.A.P. and robots in general once I have some free time, which I won't have for a while. Once I finish T.R.A.P. I plan to start some new projects probably using somekind of PIC. I plan to start experimenting and learning about sensor arrays, mechanics, and programming architectures, etc. I plan to learn more about robotics in all areas is what I mean. I plan to build somekind of humanoid or another in the not too distant future. For now I have to make it through basic training, make it through technical training learning how to be a "Gas Turbine Systems Apprentice", and making it through the Navy period. I guess I will not get to build or work on robots ales I use my leave time to do so, that would be well spent in my book though, of course, it's robots. Maybe I'll even get to visit Japan while in the Navy and get to check out the robots. I sure am going to miss robots and Mountain Dews!!! Wish me luck. At least they're going to pay for my college so I will hopefully get a degree in computer science and work towards getting a job in a robotics related field.

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