12 Dec 2006 Botnerd   » (Master)

Hi all, I finished fixing the mechnical problems on T.R.A.P. two days ago. I added another Hitec 422 servo to the shoulder for more lifting power, an aluminum servo horn to the base servo for more stabability and strength, a two servo bracket for the shoulder for the two servos to mount onto, and I added two rubber belts from a tape mechanism to hold the arm back a little but mostly help with loads on the lower arm. I also made a neat little LED light for T.R.A.P., the light uses an ultra-bright LED along with a 470 ohm resistor and clips right onto my Basic Atom Bot Board's pins because I used female crimp pins and it works nice, their also insulated because I put heat shrink tubing over the solder joints and the 1K resistor. I might put information on making them later on my site. They can bend and everything because I used solid copper wire. The ultra- bright LED can't be powered by an I/O though so I just hooked it up to the positive and negative 5vdc and it comes on when power is applied. I like it though, it lights up the electronics and everything in the dark, it's really bright. I also made one with a regular LED and it can be driven by an I/O, naturally. I'm glad I got all the mechanical issues worked out for the most part. I also added a 6 vdc 2A power supply for the servos. Now I just have to get my PS2 controller controlling T.R.A.P., I hope I get it working. I'll try to post pictures soon and hopefully some videos when I get it going, the only bad thing is they want have sound because I don't have a nice camera yet. I hope to get one soon.

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