14 Sep 2006 Botnerd   » (Master)

I am not doing any robot work at the present moment but sometimes this week I am going to start on my projects again. First I am going to build the Turbot named Flip-Flop or Triad, I haven't decided yet. The Turbot is going to use a PT Solar Engine that is operated on a 1381C Trigger. The body I have already made which is cut from a peice of dark blue sintra that I bought from solarbotics.com. I can't wait to finish the bot and it should turn out nice. Next inline after that is a few more projects that I have planned. One being a Pummer and the other being a Photovore, maybe. I am going to start on my arm soon and I keep saying it but I have to keep telling myself to get done with these other robots before I start. I really want the thing to be cost affective though. I guess I will have fun with my BEAM bots intill I get to the point and made final decisions for the arm. Tonight I have to go help set- up sound equipment for my church since I will be the sound guy. Well, I'll keep you posted as new developements take place. Bye for now, my fellow roboticists.

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