24 Aug 2006 Botnerd   » (Master)

I am doing robotics again, finally! I just got one BEAM robot done which is a solar roller named Blau for blue of course in German. Next I am going to build a Turbot and I am probably going to name it Flip-Flop. I haven't decided what circuit I am going to use but I thought about using some kind of solar engine with a light sensor so the Turbot would move towards light but also have caotic movement instead of just flipping forward. In the mean time I am still looking at ideas for my robotic arm. I haven't fully decided on what microcontroller to use. I want something that is somewhat powerful and has a built-in servo controller. Also, I want something that is like a developement board so I can try circuit out and other stuff. The mini Atom board that I looked at has this neat PS2 controller port and shows you how to program it to control a robot with a PS2 controller and the thing has a built in controller board for up to 16 servos. It is a purdy powerful controller too, the Basic Atom. I do not know all the spects on all the controllers but it is more powerful than the Basic Stamp. The only think about the mini board is it doesn't have a power jack or a developement area, it's all pins and no I/O buses with connecters. I could buy the board for the Basic Atom that is the developement board but then I wouldn't have the servo controller built in or the PS2 port. Maybe I can find a way to connect it to the developement board. Well, recently I built a Jacob's Ladder. I have been wanting a Jacob's Ladder for some time now. I bought me a 11000Kv neon sign power supply off of ebay. I paid $20 something counting the power supply and the shipping cost. It puts out a decent purple arc that is about 2 inches long. I just used a piece of wood my dad cut me off and made the V part out of some 10-guage copper wire. The V shape part is about a foot long minus the part below it that supports it in the air. Well, I hope to have some more bots going soon. Maybe I will come up with my ideas soon for the arm and the others and be ordering me some parts soon. The arm is really going to deplete my funds though. Its going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $400 or $500 when I am done with it. Who knows, it may end up being $600 or more, but I doubt it. Well, I'll hollar at ya later.

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