9 Aug 2006 Botnerd   » (Master)

What have I been doing lately? I have been building a few BEAM robots. I am also waiting for payment from selling my BASIC Stamp Discovery Kit on ebay. After I receive the money I can then buy the parts for my robotic arm that I am going to build. I still haven't fully decided which microcontroller I am going to use but I am thinking about using the Basic Atom. I still do not know about it though. If I don't do that I will probably go with a AVR or something like it. I just want to build a robotic arm for a testbed for programing so I can learn programing as I go along with the robot but also I just think it would be a fun and cool project. I still do not have a name for the arm yet. I do not have much time though because I will be leaving for the Navy. I hope to build a few more robots before I go though. Hopefully I will still be able to build them while in the Navy but I will probably not have much time. I hope to do somekind of robot project in college. I plan to build a few more BEAM bots before I go because I just find them fun but they are not the main things that I hope to do. I hope to build this arm and get a purdy good ways with it before I go but also I hope to build a few more bots. I hope to get somewhere soon.

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