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Hey, I have not got to build any robots lately. I am waiting on some parts to come to build a few more BEAM bots. I really want to build that levitating one but I dought I will have the time to build it before I leave for the Air Force. I still have to call my recruiter and get whatever I need from him and then it is off to my local MEPS where I will enlist. So in about a month I will probably be posting from a base. Actually it will be longer than that because I will have to go through basic and I do not think they will have internet access. That is going to suck when I don't get to read articles on here and know what everyone is doing. I am going to miss a lot of stuff. I want get to build any robots either. I will have to pick back up on it when I get stationed somewhere, that is if I have time then because college and the Air Force alone is going to be a full time job and not to mention my girlfriend. So I am going to be purdy busy. I very well might not to build robots intill I am out of the Air Force in 4 or six years from now. 2010 or 2012. Well as soon as I get done with my BEAM bots I am going to start on my robotic arm. I figured up some parts that I will need from lynxmotion and the total just in servos and mechanical hardware is $162 not counting shipping and handling so I am probably going to spend a boat load. I am just going to use it to test out programs that I come up with in PBASIC. I am thinking of making it gyroscope controled. Its an idea. I know there are cheaper ways to control a robot with motion but I am anxious to use the technology. I just hope I don't put more than $400 into this project. It looks like I am going to put $500 or more into but I dought I will be free long enough to do everything I want with it. I will be in Texas probably doing basic training. Then later I will somewhere else doing technical training so robots are still going to be a long ways away. Will I ever have free time for robots????!!!! I hope. I have it now but it is not for long. I hope to get moving along soon on this project, I will be if I get my parts soon enough. I should beable to build the arm in a day if everything goes to plan and then I can start programing her. I still need to come up with a name for it. I had one but I forgot it. I guess I need to rack my brain intill I remember it. Well ill post more later as there are new developements. Bye for now my fellow roboticists.

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