18 Apr 2006 Botnerd   » (Master)

Hey everybody, I am not doing any robot building right now due to being unable to purchase parts. I have money but I have no way to order parts and there is nowhere near by to purchase them. Well, anyway, I am still doing some PBasic programing and I hope to be done with it soon so I can apply it to a project. Also I am wanting to build a simple steam engine right now but I have not been able to buy the parts for it aswell. In the mix of everything else I am wanting to build this really cool BEAM type robot. It is going to be a solar engine driven antigravity device. It is going to have a parabolicish shaped dish which will have electromagnets which will levitate a cube of neodymiun magnets. The coils will be powered probably by a solar engine that I will design. I need to build something that puts out alot of power to make the cube levitate. In the mist of all this I am also going to build a couple more BEAM bots. Probably just about three but I want to build them. I have a new web page now. It is with tripod. Here is the address of my page http://madcyborgscientist.tripod.com/

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