30 Mar 2006 Botnerd   » (Master)

Well I am not doing any robot stuff right now, still, and it is depressing. I am mostly studying for my ACT test since last time I made a 15 on it and I need to make a 19 or better this time. Also I am trying to design a steam engine because I have wanted to build one forever and I just find them fascinating. I may just buy a steam engine kit but I haven't been able to find a cheap one. I am looking around the neigbourhood of $30-$40 if possible but I do not think you can find one that cheap. At least one that is somewhat complicated and neat. Also I am still doing some basic programing with my microcontroller and hope to use it in a project as soon as I finish the curriculem. I am probably going to sale my X box soon and games and a few other items just to have some cash for my projects. Soon I want even have time for robotics which is bad because now I have time for the most part but I don't have any money. When I go into the Air Force I will have money but no time because I will be in Active Duty and going to college at the same time. Will I ever get time for robotics and money, I hope? I do not even see how I will ever beable to compete in competitions since I will be in the military. I have dreamed of competing in many competitions and I guess that dream is slowly dieing. I wish there was another way!

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