30 Dec 2005 Botnerd   » (Master)

Hey, I am purdy mest up because I didn't win anything in Brian Fields online competition but I guess I will get over it. I thought my robot would atleast score high in asthetics, since it wasent small and of course my circuitry wasent soldered together neatly so that kinda killed it there. If I would of used smaller motors and soldered better I probably would of atleast won something. I tried a new robot design and I knew it was a risk to this competition but I just couldent give up on a three motor turbot. Now I am going to build a BEAM walker when I get the parts. I hope to compete in other competitions Brian Fields holds but I will be prepared next time and not try something like this in a competition. I was going to just build some kind of photovore but I couldent give up on this design. I am going to do some more exercises and stuff with my new Stamps Work kit. after I finish this kit I am probably going to use it for a new robot or something else.

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