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I'm not doing much right now. I didnt do anything for halloween which isnt unusual because I have a family who does nothing on halloween and I couldent think of anything to do and even if I did I dought my parents would let me go out on halloween night. So for me Halloween is just another day. So I just stayed home and watched a movie on tv that I have never seen which is Jeepers Creepers(2001). Man im behind! I dont get to see many movies. I did get to see DOOM in theatres though and I thought it was good. But theres just something about the regular characters that dont have any powers or anything whooping up on zombies and evolved zombies, that is just disapointing. I loved the part about the 24th chromosome which makes humans super human with great strength and the ability to heal rapidly and increased agility aswell as increased intelligence and Grimm then whoops The Rock's butt after being injected with the syrem with this 24th chromosone in it.

Now I am getting ready to build my robot for the online competition. The past few days I have been down because I didnt think I would find a way to buy the parts since I have no money. But after my mom seeing how depressed I was is going to order the parts to build my bot and for a good reason because this competition means alot to me because its my life's goal to compete in many robot competitions even though this is a online competition it is a good start and its my first BEAM competition of any type aswell as my first online competition. I'm proposing to build a turbot for the competition and its going to be unlike any other turbot ever seen. The guy who is head of the competition , Brian Fields, said he has never seen or heard of a turbot with three motors. But also my turbot is going to be different from a normal turbot because it's not going to be photovoric.

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