22 Oct 2005 Botnerd   » (Master)

Hey yall, I just finished LineRider2. The problem with it or problems with it were very simple ones and I cant beleive I didn't cetch them sooner. The first problem was the battery wasent brand new and was inadequate to run the robot's motors and ciruit and the other problem was I didnt use the motors that came with the PCB and compenents kit I used a tamya gear box I already had and it required to much power to run it and bogged the whole circuit down and stole all of the power from stall. But im glad I found out the problem and fixed it and finished this bot. Now I need free time to watch it go and I need more batteries. lol. Now im getting ready to build my bot for the online competition if things permit I mean as in being able to get more ideas for the bot and if I can get the parts to build it because right now I dont have a job and I have to beg for my mom to buy me parts. Also I have to use whatever junk I have laying around. I still need to get on my RS and I know its old now but I bought one in july of this year and still havent hacked it or done anything with it. I think my first mod will be some cool LEDs in his hands and I will go from there. Like I may turn him into a alarm clock that dances or something even cooler I dont know this is just some ideas.

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