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Hi, things are not going good right now because I am trying to get my PCB and components to work but something is wrong because the sensors sense the change in light and the LEDs indicate that but the motors are not running so I dont know what is wrong and what I'm going to do but hopefully I can figure this problem out soon. I know this a kit PCB and components but something is wrong and its not working as it is suppose too. I mean I did everything acording to the instructions and rechecked my soldering but the motors are still not driving and I tried a switch where it changes from sensing black and white lines and everything cuts off and also once the motors did drive but it was for a second and then cut off but it did do it to the change in light but I guess I have a short somewhere. Well anyway I need to finish LineRider2 soon because I want to start on my robot for the online competition and even if I get to that point in my projects I still have to find a way to get the parts I need and right now I have no money and my parents are becoming tight so things look bad right now and I cant get a job intill next semester of school. Everything is looking down but I hope things get better soon, real soon. Also soon I may try a wack at a sterling engine made from aluminum cans and then after that do some more tesla coil stuff like I did last year and hopefully get some of his plans and decent tesla coil. Also im going to try to find some local robot compeitions soon. But in the mean time I got to tackle this robot(LineRider2) and then start on my robot for the online competition!

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