19 Sep 2005 Botnerd   » (Master)

Hey everybody, right now things are still at a stand still I am a senior so my parents want me to focus on school so I can pass but I haven't got to build any bots lately because lack of funds and im highly depressed. So, I want get to have any more money for robots intill my parents cave to give this jobless high school senior (Me) money for his projects or if I am able to get a job next semester when my work load is easier ( being two acedemic classes and the other two I cant wait to take welding and landscaping). So right now im trying to think of where im going to be next year and where I want to work at in the coming months. When I get a job it will be my first but it want be my first atempt at getting a job because I have put one application into a place at age 16 but im 19 now and that was Chick Fa Lay but I really dont want to work in fastfood but I might if I have too. Not to mention my senior year has been a disapointment so far because of not getting to compete in the Science Olympiad but hopefully it will turn around and be a good year after all (yeah right!).

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