27 Aug 2005 Botnerd   » (Master)

Hi, well things at school right now are awkward from the death of a student which was a girl that I didnt know. But there is some good news because thursday I was able to talk to one of my teachers for more than a few seconds and she said shes purdy sure were not having any involvment in the science olympiad this year. But I proposed to her the idea of our school competing in the South's Best robot competition and I gave her the web site address today and she said she will check into it. I hope things go good and im able to compete but its still not a sure fire thing yet and she might not be the one to be my coach because she said this new teacher Mr. Brown may do it but I really dont care who does it aslong as I get to compete. I mean this is my senior year and I want to have something like this to remember it by. Before I could only dream of competing in this competition but I already set things in motion and now I just have to wait and see what happens. I just hope im not disapointed though because I have enough things to be disapointed about but aslong as I get through this year I will be happy.

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