23 Aug 2005 Botnerd   » (Master)

Hi fellow robotics hobbyist, lately I havent done any robotics stuff because one im depressed, two I have been destracted by a girl, three I have been doing school work, four I have been doing what my parents tell me, five I have no money or parts right now. I'm hoping things look up real soon! But right now I am still a senior and this year isnt off to a good start for a senior year, because I have no friends, I havent been able to build any robots, and to top it all off I realized that my school isnt going to be involved in the Science Olympiad this year and the teacher that was incharge of our group for our school is gone right now. So this year isnt looking good. Plans for the future I hope to get back on my robot projects soon real soon, I hope to finally get past my parents leash on me so I can travel and compete in robot competitions, I hope to graduate high school this year although first semester right now is a bore I mean I love Anatomy class but PE, Geometry, and English 12 are the real bores for me but mostly PE because I love to learn. Also if I succed in graduating this year I also have to score good on the ACT to get into college and thats going to be tough for me stating the fact I made a 15 on my last ACT test. But if I succed and make a good grade on the ACT and get accepted into college im going to try to get into computer science as my major and cognitive science and german as my minors not to count the required courses, but I have alot of work to do and I need to overcome alot to do it. I hope that yall wish me luck as I take on the world and try to overcome. I hope to be a influential figure but right now im just a undiscovered potential.

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