14 Jul 2005 Botnerd   » (Master)

Now I dont know when i'll start hacking my robosapien because I got to thinking and I need to wait till I get my other projects out of the way. Also im about to start a project with a robot arm soon and its going to be ran by a basic stamp or pc controled but I havent decided yet which one, but probally the basic stamp 2. Neither one have I used yet asize simple interfaces to PCs but it really doesent matter either one will be a learning experience none of the less. With this arm im going to learn the basics of programing and working with a microcontroler. So im late getting a robosapien but I dont know what to do with it because im out of cash now so im going to finish my next two robots and then think about what im going to do next. After I finish my next two im going to probally build some more beam bots and then when I get the cash hack my robosapien and probally gut it out and add some microcontroler to it to or other ideas I may have. This hacking of the robosapien is going to be a big learning experience for me because I havent used a single microcontroler as to yet. My goal is to start the arm by December of this year and have the other projects done but also to have started on the robosapien. But I want to give it multiple behavoirs like one is waking me up in the morning. lol. I dunno its a start but others are so creative I guess I need to get a clear mind and then start coming up with ideas again. Not to mention the teazing from my dad about buying a toy robot. I guess everyday people just dont get the worth of what a toy can offer in a robot platform.

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