16 Jun 2005 Botnerd   » (Master)

Hi, I did work on my solar roller some but the body is still having some issues like turning right and not going strait. Man I need to fix this! This is a bad week for me but sunday awaits some quietness again hopefully. lol. Why i'm im building a solar roller is because I havent buildt one yet but also I get to build a drive train which I hvent done yet from junk parts like a walkman tape deck but also I get to mess around with a miller solar engine which I havent done till yet either. I finally got the solar cells and 1 farad capictor ordered. Hopefully they will arrive next week. Once recieved I can finsh testing the circuit, get it soldered togethor, and finally after everything checks I can fix the turning right problem. I hope it works out. After this I can start on LineRider2 or some more BEAM robots. I'll post later but bye for now.

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